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About Lip & Tongue Tie Services from Dr. Paige

baby sleeping in mom's armsFirst and foremost, Dr. Paige Prather is a mother. She took a special interest in the subject of lip and tongue-tie because she personally struggled to breastfeed her own son, Jaxson, due to tongue-tie. As a child, Dr. Paige had five siblings, and her mother breastfed all of them. When her child was born, there was no doubt in her mind she would breastfeed with Jaxson. Unfortunately, they both struggled, and eventually, stopped breastfeeding early. Dr. Paige later discovered that tongue-tie was the source of their struggles. This experience drove Dr. Paige to look into how tongue-tie is diagnosed and treated, and how she could help others with this struggle. While Dr. Paige is happy to treat lip and tongue-tie in patients of any age, she is especially passionate about treating infants, and is happy to provide treatment, support, and assistance for babies and nursing mothers struggling due to tongue tie.

In addition to offering lip and tongue-tie services, Dr. Paige is a skilled family dentistry practitioner. She holds her doctor of dental surgery from The Ohio State University School of Dentistry, and has years of training and experience to ensure the quality of the services she provides. Dental education, especially Dr. Paige’s advanced training in pediatric care, laser dentistry and specifically lip and tongue tie diagnosis and full revision, has made her one of the go to practitioners in Tennessee for lip and tongue-tie procedures. Dr. Paige has superior knowledge of how the oral and facial anatomy work together to allow patients to speak, chew, smile and very importantly breastfeed. This places her at an advantage when it comes to providing high quality care for patients at any age in need of treatment for lip and tongue-tie.