Why is Treatment for Lip and Tongue Tie in Nashville Important?

July 17, 2017

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Infant yawningWhen your baby is born, you never expect there to be any issues with your perfect little bundle of joy. However, it is not uncommon for infants to suffer from a lip or tongue tie. The tight flap of skin, known as restrictive frenulum, may not seem like a large concern; however, if it is not corrected quickly, it can lead to issues with feeding and problems with speech as your child grows. It is best to have the skin corrected as soon as possible by a specialist who treats lip and tongue tie in Nashville to prevent future complications.

Signs of Lip or Tongue Tie

When there is a flap of skin underneath the tongue that is really tight or short, it causes it to be anchored to the bottom of the mouth, known as tongue tie. However, there can also be a tight flap of skin underneath the upper lip that connects to the gum tissue, known as an upper lip tie.

Although they often only seem like cosmetic concerns, it can hinder your baby’s ability to breast or bottle feed, often causing gas or reflux. It is not uncommon for them to have difficulty extending their tongue past their lips due to restrictive movement.

As your child ages, it may become uncomfortable to brush their teeth and have difficulty chewing. Speech issues can also develop, as well as dental problems, like cavities. To prevent complications from occurring, it is best to have the tissue corrected as soon as possible.

Preventing Lip and Tongue Tie Complications

Often, when the tissue does not look “normal” many parents often assume that their child has this issue; however, this is not always the case. Your baby will need to have a consultation with a trained specialist who is not distracted by its appearance. There are several things that must be considered, such as the tightness of the skin and the movement capabilities of the tip or tongue to determine if an intervention is needed.

Although tongue and lip tie in Nashville cannot be prevented, it can be corrected using a minor surgical procedure. A scalpel or laser is used to improve the moment of the lip or tongue by making a small incision in the tissue. The simple procedure will reduce the restrictive movement to allow them to learn how to use their lips and tongue correctly to prevent eating and speech complications.

Treating Lip or Tongue Tie

If you suspect that your child has an issue with the frenulum, it is best to schedule a consultation with a specialist as soon as possible. If you wait, your child could develop preventable complications that could have otherwise been avoided.

About Dr. Paige Prather

Dr. Paige Prather has received advanced training to help treat patients who have lip or tongue tie issues. After a careful assessment, she creates comprehensive treatment plans to resolve the complications. If you suspect that your child has a problem with feeding or speaking from the tissue, contact her office to find the answers to your questions.

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