What Is a Lip Tie in Nashville Going to Cost You? Learn Today

February 8, 2018

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A baby smiling.When your doctor tells you that you child needs a lip tie in Nashville, it’s normal to have a lot of questions. You may be wondering what exactly the process entails and how it will help treat your child’s symptoms. Many parents ask what the treatment costs and how much their insurance will cover such treatment. Your doctor understands that insurance is not always predictable due to changing variations in coverage, so she wanted to lay out the expectation as well as possible before beginning treatment.

The next time you enter the office, you’ll be able to enter prepared and get your child in healthy condition.

What is the Cost? What Does It Include?

For laser revision of a lip or tongue tie, you can expect to pay $1,110. Not only does this cover the initial procedure, but it also covers a follow-up visit. This allows the dentist to assess the healing of the treated area. If the treatment is not completed at the initial consultation appointment and instead on another day, you may be charged a separate consult fee.

Regarding Insurance

We understand that insurance coverage can be unpredictable due to variations in plan and policy. That’s why your doctor offers partial payment at the time of the procedure for your lip tie in Nashville. Afterwards, you can arrange payments if any balance remains afterwards. The last thing we want is for you to be caught off guard by unexpected costs, but we encourage patients to be prepared to pay the full fee as insurance coverage for lip and tongue treatment in Nashville is not guaranteed.

Keep in mind that our office also offers a cash pay discount if you are not filing insurance. Additionally, we offer discounts to patients on TennCare to help fund the cost of the procedure. However, if you plan to add your child to your insurance to get additional help paying for the procedure, remember to factor in the cost over the term of your coverage. The increase in premium is more than the cash pay discounted rate we offer, and this is likely the only time you’ll be using the coverage.

Your Doctor’s Priority is You and Your Child’s Care

Regardless of your method of payment, our office does its best to answer any questions about submitting your insurance claims. Insurance companies can be very vague when it comes to coverage, so our main focus is getting you as much time with the doctor to get information you need to feel comfortable with the procedure. She’s also prepared to coach you on aftercare to make sure the best results come after the laser revision from your tongue tie in Nashville.

Have more questions regarding the cost of the procedure for a lip and tongue tie? Schedule a consultation with your doctor today so we can help you feel more confident prior to your treatment!

About the Author

Dr. Paige Prather isn’t just familiar with the procedure for a lip and tongue tie in Nashville on a professional level. When her own son needed the treatment, she soon found out that no real in-school training was provided for pediatric dentists or specialists on lip and tongue-ties. That’s why she decided to seek advanced training herself and provide more predictable care to the Nashville community. To learn more about her journey and treatment process, contact her at (615) 771-2151 or visit her website.

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