How to Help Your Baby Recover from a Laser Frenectomy

July 6, 2023

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Is your precious little baby struggling to breastfeed properly? Do they tend to be fussy? Are they not gaining weight as quickly as they should? Naturally, you may feel concerned. It is possible that your baby has a lip or tongue tie. If your little one is diagnosed with either (or both) of these conditions, they may need to undergo a minor surgery known as a frenectomy. It involves severing excess tissue in the mouth that is restricting the movement of your baby’s oral structures.

That prospect might sound a bit scary, but there is nothing to worry about! If the procedure is performed with a laser, you can expect a quick and easy recovery process. Here are some tips on how you can help your baby to heal as comfortably as possible:

Take It Easy

Try to arrange your schedule so you and your baby can rest for a couple of days at home. They might be a bit uncomfortable and fussy, so it is best not to exacerbate the situation by placing them in unfamiliar situations.

Monitor Your Baby’s Recovery

Keep a close eye on your infant and periodically look into their mouth to inspect the surgical site. Check that it is healing well and that their oral structures have increased mobility.

Also, keep in mind that your baby’s stool might be darker than usual because they might be swallowing tiny amounts of blood from the surgical wound. This is normal. However, if the bleeding becomes heavy, call your baby’s dentist right away.

Comfort Your Baby

A laser frenectomy does not cause intense pain, but there may be some discomfort during the healing process. If your child is old enough for painkillers, you can administer the recommended dosage for their age. Skin to skin contact may also help to comfort them.

Keep Feeding Sessions Short

Many parents notice an immediate improvement in their baby’s ability to breastfeed following a frenectomy. In fact, the nutrients found in breast milk can encourage your baby’s body to heal, so do not hesitate to feed your little one right after their procedure. However, you should keep feeding sessions short and frequent.

If your child is old enough for solid foods, make sure they don’t eat anything that could bother their surgical site, such as crunchy or hot items.

A laser frenectomy can provide long-term health benefits for your baby! Use the tips in this article to make the treatment experience as easy as possible.

Meet the Practice

Dr. Paige Prather is a holistic dentist who is proud to offer laser frenectomies for lip and tongue tie. If you suspect that your baby could benefit from treatment, or you have questions about the surgery, our team is ready to speak with you. Get in touch with us at 615-771-2151.

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