4 Questions You Need to Ask Before Revising Lip & Tongue-Tie

September 9, 2017

mother holding crying childWhen our babies need us, we’re there. It’s what parents do. If you’re a parent struggling to help an infant with lip or tongue-tie, you have likely experienced the pain and frustration of trying to help your child comfortably complete the simplest tasks like feeding or smiling. If you are looking for answers or want help with revising your child’s lip or tongue-tie, keep reading to find out more.

Does my Child Have a Lip-Tie?

June 30, 2017

Lip-ties are maybe not as well known as the similar condition, tongue-tie. Both oral health concerns occur due to an excessive amount of connective soft tissues called frenum. When there is too much tissue or the tissue attaches the lip or tongue too closely to the skull or bite, your little one can experience severe negative impact on their oral and overall health as well as impeding regular daily functions. Lucky for kids and parents in Nashville and surrounding communities, Paige Prather Smiles has you covered. With years of advanced training and experience in lip-tie therapies, Dr. Prather can correct your little one’s lip-tie, and she can even work with nursing mothers to improve their breastfeeding experience.