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Cost of Lip & Tongue Tie Treatment

We are happy to help you take advantage of any health benefits you may have. Because insurance coverage is not always predictable due to variations in each plan and policy, we offer partial payment at the time of the procedure and arrange payments if any balance remains. The cost for laser revision of lip and tongue tie at Dr. Paige Prather’s office is $950. This includes the initial procedure as well as one follow up visit to assess healing. A separate consult fee may apply if your procedure is done on another day and not at your initial consultation appointment.

We will do our best to answer questions and help you with submitting insurance claims, however, there is often a lot of vagueness on the side of the insurance company with what they will and will not cover. They often tell the patient one thing, our team another, and what they do once the claim is filed may be something else altogether. We always like for you to be prepared for any expenses and do not want to have unexpected costs. We encourage everyone to be prepared to pay the full fee as insurance coverage for the procedure is not guaranteed. 

If you decide to add your child to your insurance to help get coverage for this procedure please, remember to factor in the cost of this over the term of the coverage as this is likely the only time you will use the coverage and often the increase in premium is more than our cash pay discounted rate.

Our main focus is getting you as much time with Dr. Prather to answer questions and get the information needed for you to feel comfortable with the procedure. We want you to be as informed as possible. Dr. Prather reserves more of her time than most other providers to ensure she is able to fully answer your questions, address concerns and coach you on aftercare to ensure you are able to get the best result from the revision the first and hopefully only time. We understand what an emotional experience this is and our goal is to help get you superior treatment results the first time while feeling your child is well cared for and you are supported through the process as well.