Frequently Asked Lip-Tie & Tongue-Tie Questions – Franklin, TN

Ask Your Lip & Tongue-Tie Expert

Parents tend to have a lot of questions by the time they come to see Dr. Paige, and she is more than happy to answer them! To help you quickly get some important information, she has gone ahead and responded to some of the most common questions she receives below.

What causes a lip or tongue-tie?

  • Lip and tongue-ties tend to appear during the last few weeks of gestation, and right now, the underlying cause is unknown. There is strong evidence to suggest that genetics may play a factor, which is supported by the fact that some families contain multiple people with the condition.

Will a lip or tongue-tie ever go away on its own?

  • No. The oral tissue that is causing the lip or tongue-tie will not disappear over time. A person will simply adapt and work around the condition, which has been shown to cause ongoing issues with speaking and eating well into adulthood. Professional treatment is the only solution, and thankfully, it is very fast and non-invasive.

Do you treat teens and adults or just babies?

  • Dr. Paige is happy to help patients of all ages who are dealing with a lip or tongue-tie. These conditions can sometimes be overlooked, causing someone to still have them beyond their childhood years. Thankfully, the treatment process (and positive outcomes) are largely the same for every patient.

What will happen if I don’t treat a lip or tongue-tie?

  • In addition to making feeding extremely difficult for infants, over time, a lip or tongue-tie can interfere with the development of the teeth and jaw as well. This can lead to issues like speech problems and even sleep-disordered breathing later in life. All of these complications can create very negative and lasting health outcomes, which is why treatment is always recommended.

Can I use dental insurance to pay for a frenectomy?

  • The coverage for frenectomies across all dental insurance plans is inconsistent, so we can’t give you a definitive answer without first going over your plan with you. We recommend talking to your provider or giving our team a call with your membership information nearby so we can parse out your benefits and determine exactly what is and isn’t covered.

Are frenectomies covered by my medical insurance?

  • Medical insurance can sometimes be used to cover a frenectomy, but this can vary from plan to plan. Before committing to treatment, please get in touch with our team so we can talk about your insurance and be on the same page about your benefits.