Lip & Tongue-Tie Treatment-Franklin, TN

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Mother and baby smiling after lip and tongue tie treatment

Lip and tongue-ties are treated with a procedure called a frenectomy. You may also hear this procedure referred to as a frenotomy or a frenulectomy. All three terms describe the same lip and tongue-tie treatment at our Franklin, TN specialty dental office. Dr. Paige has years of training and experience providing safe, effective frenectomies for patients of all ages. She is the only provider in middle Tennessee trained to use soft tissue lasers to perform the procedure. If you’re interested in finding out more about lip and tongue-tie treatment, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to answer questions over the phone or schedule a consultation.

The Frenectomy Process

Baby in need fo frenectomy with tongue out

The goal of any frenectomy procedure is simple. We want to loosen the connective tissues in order to allow for the unimpeded movement of the lips, tongue, or other soft tissues. This is done by removing a small amount of tissue.

Traditional Frenectomy

Dentist lining up traditional frenectomy treatment tools

Traditionally, the excess frenum tissue was removed using surgical scissors. These tools make minute incisions in the soft tissue that allow for freer movement. While this traditional surgical method was effective, it could be very uncomfortable for the patient, and due to the heavy bleeding during the procedure, it was often difficult to be precise with the amount of removed oral tissue. Infants who underwent traditional frenectomy procedures would need to be placed under general anesthesia for their comfort and safety, and anesthesia brings its own health concerns for children.

Laser Frenectomy

Dentist using laser frenectomy system

Unlike traditional frenectomies, laser frenectomy procedures allow us to be much more precise with the amount of tissue that is removed. Additionally, patients are much more comfortable, and in most cases, they only need topical anesthetic. That means your child will not need to be unconscious during treatment in a hospital setting. Dr. Paige has advanced training in the use of a variety of different lasers, and she can incorporate them as necessary to make the frenectomy faster and more comfortable.

Each laser works best on specific types of pigmentation. The goal will be to use the laser that is able to produce the greatest effect on the frenum with the lowest power setting. This will ensure maximum comfort and efficacy. In addition to being more comfortable, lasers also instantly cauterize the treated tissues, so there’s very little bleeding during the procedure, and healing time following treatment is significantly reduced.

Advanced Technology for Precision Care

Dentist holding microscope glasses

In addition to our array of state-of-the-art soft tissue lasers, Dr. Paige also uses special magnification loupes and an LED headlamp. This combined tool allows her to see into your child’s mouth and ensure safe and effective treatment. She will also use our MouthWatchers intraoral camera to capture before and after images. These photos are an essential tool to monitor healing throughout the course of treatment. They are also important for communication between Dr. Paige and any referring doctors or lactation support and ensure that all of your healthcare providers are on the same page.

Complimentary Revisions

Mother and baby laughing together in bed

If your child ever experiences additional concerns following their initial treatment, we will be happy to offer complimentary revisions for the first year. Dr. Paige stands behind her work, and she is dedicated to ensuring your child maintains their optimal level of oral and overall health for life.