Lip & Tongue Tie Solutions-Franklin, TN

Gentle & Effective Care for Your Little One

At the Franklin, TN office of Dr. Paige Prather, we are proud to offer a variety of services and treatment solutions for patients of any age suffering from lip and tongue-ties. Dr. Paige has a passion for working with infants and nursing mothers who experience difficulties stemming from tongue-ties.

When it comes to choosing the right practice for your lip and tongue-tie needs, Dr. Paige’s offers numerous benefits. Our laser frenectomy treatments are performed in a comfortable, relaxing office rather than a sterile hospital environment, which can be especially unpleasant for children. Additionally, Dr. Paige has invested in the most current technologies available to ensure better results, faster treatment times, and less post-procedure discomfort for you or your little one.

Also, revisions are included! Anytime within the first year, if you or your child needs an adjustment following the initial procedure, you will not need to pay a penny more. Are you ready to schedule your appointment with our team? Please give us a call. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Why Choose Paige Prather for Lip & Tongue Tie Solutions?

  • Dentist with Years of Laser
    Frenectomy Training
  • Warm & Welcoming
  • Led by Fellow Mother Who
    Had a Tongue-Tied Son