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Your child deserves only the best if they require a frenectomy, which is why Dr. Paige Prather always uses a laser for the procedure. This method offers the most reliable and comfortable way to fix lip and tongue ties while keeping even the youngest patient completely comfortable and safe. At Paige Prather—Lip-Tie & Tongue-Tie Solutions in Franklin, TN, you can trust that your child is in great hands from start to finish. To learn a little more about this technology and its benefits, keep reading, or you can schedule a consultation today .


  • Dentist with Years of Laser Frenectomy Training
  • Doctor is a Mother Who Had a Tongue-Tied Son
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What Exactly is a Frenectomy?

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A frenectomy is a minor surgical procedure used to correct a lip or tongue tie. During this procedure, tiny incisions are made to liberate the restrictive oral tissue, thereby restoring the full movement of the lips or tongue. On rare occasions, a small quantity of tissue may have to be removed to achieve the desired result, which is to free the patient from difficulty while eating, speaking, and breathing caused by the tie.

Why We Only Do Laser Frenectomies

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Doctors have been performing frenectomies for centuries, as documentation about lip and tongue ties goes all the way back to Medieval times! In more recent history, the procedure has been performed using surgical scissors or a scalpel, but Dr. Prather instead relies on a highly sophisticated laser. This not only makes the procedure itself more comfortable than the old way, but safer as well. The precision of the laser allows her to focus on the smallest amount of tissue possible, enabling a more conservative approach. It also sanitizes the area as it works to prevent infection, plus it simultaneously cauterizes to prevent bleeding. Thanks to this, post-treatment soreness and swelling are reduced to practically nothing as well.

How Does a Laser Frenectomy Work?

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The laser produces a highly focused beam of light that vaporizes the excess tissue and seals the blood vessels all at once. The procedure is quick and painless and results in minimal bleeding, swelling, and discomfort. The laser itself admits almost no heat, sound, or vibration, which reduces the need for any type of local anesthetic. It is extremely gentle and has been shown to shorten recovery time. In many cases, an infant who just received a laser frenectomy is able to feed right afterward with no trouble.

Benefits of a Laser Frenectomy

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The benefits of a laser frenectomy are many. This procedure can enhance your child’s quality of life right now and prevent future issues with their oral and overall health. It could also benefit you as a parent! What are some of the specific advantages that you and your young one may experience thanks to this treatment? Read on below to find out.