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Meet Your Tennessee Lip & Tongue Tie Expert

Dr. Paige Prather

Following her experience with her own son, Dr. Paige made a startling discovery. There’s no real in-school training specifically for pediatric dentistry specialists or pediatricians when it comes to lip and tongue-tie. Instead, she found other people just like her who didn’t know all the ways this common oral health condition could negatively impact their lives. That’s when Dr. Paige started to seek out advanced training. Her goal was to provide a different kind of experience for patients struggling with lip and tongue-tie, especially for infants. It was her goal to be able to confidently assess for lip and tongue tie so that she could provide more predictable care and see more success in resolving issue of breastfeeding. There are many many things that can lead to problems breastfeeding and Dr. Paige has learned much more than just the oral tie aspect so that she can help make parents aware of other possible issues that they may need to seek help for if the lip and tongue revision is not the issue or is maybe one of many parts of the struggle.

Traditional treatment for infants with lip and tongue-tie involves general anesthesia that renders the baby completely unconscious. This adds a level of risk to the procedure, and some infants respond poorly to this level of anesthesia. Additionally, these treatments were performed using surgical scissors and stitches, making the procedure and healing time after uncomfortable for your infant. Dr. Paige is one of the few providers in the US to offer laser treatment for lip and tongue-tie. Laser treatment allows us to remove connective tissues with minimal bleeding and discomfort and significantly reduces healing time as well as eliminates the need for irritating sutures. This means you’re able to complete the entire process in our comfortable practice rather than needing to undergo frenectomy (removal of excess tissue that leads to tongue-tie) in a hospital setting, which can cause unnecessary stress for you and your child.

Dr. Paige’s Affiliations & Training

Dr. Paige has completed numerous advanced education courses and trainings that make her a trusted provider for parents, children, and adults dealing with lip and tongue-tie. Some of Dr. Paige’s professional affiliations and completed trainings include: