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Find Out More About Lip & Tongue-Tie

If you’d like to find out more about lip and tongue-tie, connect with others who share your experience, or discover additional resources, we invite you to explore some of the information below. You’ll find a wide array of research, support groups, and other services. Feeling overwhelmed with all this new information? Give Dr. Paige a call. Our doctor and team are passionate about helping people understand their conditions and all possible treatment solutions. You’re not alone. We’re always here to help.

Kimberly Hampton, LPN, IBCLC
In-home lactation consultations in middle and southern middle Tennessee counties

Dr Jennifer Rousseau & Kyd Kyro

Pediatric chiropractic/cranialsacral specialist

Kate Cropp APRN, IBCLC

Nancy Hinesly APRN, IBCLC

Leah Brown BS, IBCLC

Hope Breastfeeding Support

Jane Kershaw, owner
We are a home visit lactation support service with IBCLC staff.

Kimberly Payne LMT


Susan Underwood

Physical Therapist