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What to Expect &
How to Prepare for Your Visit

At your appointment Dr. Prather will talk to you about symptoms you or your baby may be experiencing and will perform an oral exam. The exam involves not only a visual but a functional assessment. Dr. Prather has advanced training in assessing ties and will be able to advise you on the possible need for revision. She is also experienced enough to be aware of other causes that may contribute to the symptoms you or your baby are experiencing. Because the issue is often multifactorial it is important to see a knowledgeable provider who is trained and experienced to assess ties specifically for resolution of functional issues not just physical appearance. This type of assessment takes much more time but is extremely important for making the best decision for your little one. We encourage you to make sure you can take full advantage of this time with Dr. Prather. If you have older children make sure you have someone who can attend to them in a separate area so you can focus on making this decision for your little one uninterrupted. If at all possible, we recommend you leave them with a family member or a sitter so there is no stress for you to feel you need to finish up and get back to them. We would much rather you feel you can focus on your little one 100%.

Once you have spoken with Dr. Prather if a revision is recommended, it can often be completed same day.

Before your Appointment:

Some other things that are helpful to have on hand are:

Things you may want to bring: